Please include your name, address and phone number when sending a maintenance request.


Emergency After Hours Service

Emergency contact is for true EMERGENCIES ONLY

If it can wait unit normal business hours, it is not an emergency. 

An Emergency is and event beyond your control requiring immediate action to protect the premises or the tenant. A case of emergency may include the interruption of essential services, including heat, electricity, running water, hot water, (not related to utility service being shut off by the provider) or life-threatening events in which there is apprehension of immediate danger to the tenant or others. Examples: fire, burst pipe/flood, gas leak or similar. 

If it is an Emergency: 

  • In case of fire or other life threatening emergencies, call 911.
  • Call the applicable Emergency After Hours Contact Number, 503-793-3128

Not an Emergency: Anything that can wait until regular business hours. Submit a Maintenance Request under the “For Our Residents” page on our website. Examples are listed below. Please note that there will be a tenant charge for any service call that is found to be tenant caused. Examples: tripped breaker or garbage disposal.


Smoke Detector is Beeping:

  • Change batteries if no signs of smoke


Carbon Monoxide Detector is Beeping:

  • If no one is feeling ill:
    • Silence the alarm.
    • Turn off all appliances and sources of combustion (furnace/fireplace).
    • Ventilate the building by opening doors & windows.
    • Report it to your manager tomorrow.
    • Follow steps under “If someone is feeling ill” if the alarm beeps again.
  • If someone is feeling ill:
    • Vacate the building immediately & call 911.
    • Do not reenter the home without approval from the fire department.
    • Report it to your manager tomorrow.


Clogged Toilet:

  • Use a plunger. Use another toilet in the home.
  • If it’s still clogged & is the only toilet, call Plumbing Company.
  • Tenant responsible for all clogged drains.



Clogged Garbage Disposal:

  • Check for foreign objects in the drain
  • Push the reset button on the bottom of the disposal


Locked Out of Unit:

  • Contact a locksmith ( at tenants expense ) and 
  • supply your manager with a copy of the new key, if necessary tomorrow.


Noise Complaint:

  • File a complaint by email to:
  • If severe Call Non-Emergency Police at (503) 823-3333.


Parking Complaint:

  • Document the make, model and license plate of the vehicle.
  • Send the information with pictures by email to: